Overcoming Problematic Drinking With Sinclair Method

Brian Noonan Overcoming Problematic Drinking With Sinclair Method Drive On Podcast
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Overcoming Problematic Drinking With Sinclair Method

Brian Noonan joins us to discuss the Sinclair Method, which is a method of treating alcoholism involving Naltrexone, a prescription medication, and alcohol.

The method was developed by Dr. Sinclair, who conducted studies with rodents by creating alcoholic mice and giving them Naltrexone. His findings showed that the only way to extinguish the interest in drinking was to combine the tablet with alcohol. Subsequent studies found that those who did not follow instructions and drank still saw a limit on their binge drinking and relapses. This method has become increasingly popular and is used as a way to treat alcoholism more effectively.

Brian discussed how alcohol treatment works and how it is linked to releasing endorphins or naturally-occurring opioids. He explained that when someone takes Naltrexone an hour before drinking, it blocks the release of these endorphins, and the person doesn’t get the reward or buzz they would normally get when drinking. This type of behavior is known as operant conditioning and is a process that increases the likelihood of a behavior occurring if it is rewarded.

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