Suicide Prevention Starts With Youth

Suzi Freeman Suicide Prevention Starts With Youth Drive On Podcast
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Suicide Prevention Starts With Youth

As a military and civilian police mom, Suzi Freeman possesses a unique perspective on the impact of high-stress professions on mental health. Her determination to equip herself with knowledge in suicide prevention stemmed from her desire to support her own children in their demanding roles while also recognizing the significance of mental health in these communities.

Suzi’s approach to mental wellness is holistic and multidimensional, incorporating a diverse range of modalities. Her insights as a mother of five children have provided her with valuable insights into the needs of young minds and the challenges they face in navigating life’s complexities.

Through her work, Suzi aims to break down the stigma surrounding mental health, especially within professions where seeking assistance might be misunderstood. Her journey of healing from childhood traumas also informs her approach to providing the support she wished she had received during her teenage years.

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