The Journey of Resilience and Growth

Jeremy Hancock The Journey of Resilience and Growth Drive On Podcast
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The Journey of Resilience and Growth

This episode features Jeremy Hancock, a combat veteran who shares his deeply personal journey from struggling with PTSD and suicidal ideation to finding hope, healing, and post-traumatic growth. Jeremy’s candid storytelling brings light to the numerous challenges he faced upon his return from service, including his battles with PTSD, vulnerability, survivor’s remorse, and moral injury. A key part of Jeremy’s recovery story involves exploring unconventional treatments, such as ketamine therapy, leading to significant personal growth and change. The conversation also delves into the importance of mental health awareness, seeking help, and the transformative power of reframing one’s experiences from traumatic to growth-oriented. This episode is an inspiring call to action for veterans and others dealing with similar struggles, emphasizing the importance of talking, seeking help, and the potential for change and growth after trauma.

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