Crafting Your Own Happiness

Bona Normandeau Crafting Your Own Happiness Drive On Podcast
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Crafting Your Own Happiness

Bona Normandeau, host of the Happier You podcast and a happiness coach, shares her inspirational journey from a military career to discovering her own happiness. Bona discusses her mission-to empower individuals to find their own path to joy and resilience and confront their unique journeys with a greater sense of strength. She shares her experiences of coming to grips with life after military service, addressing feelings of being lost and her initial struggle to find her own joy and purpose. Bona talks about the significance of finding activities that ‘make your soul sing’ and encourages listeners to empower themselves and take control of their happiness by trying new things and fostering connections with like-minded individuals. As the host of the Happier You podcast, she shares insights into creating happiness challenges, appreciating the little things in life, and the importance of finding a support system to share and grow with.

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