Discussing Mental Health Support with Ohana Homefront Foundation

Drive On Podcast
Drive On Podcast
Discussing Mental Health Support with Ohana Homefront Foundation

Sarah Otto and Candace Guelzo join the show from the Ohana Homefront Foundation. The foundation aims to provide support for the entire military community – veterans, active duty, guard, reserve, and their families – primarily focusing on mental health awareness and suicide prevention initiatives.

Sarah Otto, co-founder and CEO of the foundation, shares her motivation behind starting this foundation – addressing the mental health challenges faced by military families and instilling a system that doesn’t report back to commands.

Candace Guelzo, serving as the Chief Operating Officer on the Mental Health side, talks about breaking down stigmas around mental health in the military and creating awareness. She champions for a shift in the perspective of treating mental health like overall health. Both guests stress the importance of providing easy access to mental health services and resources.

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