Embracing Discomfort in Transition

Cristina Ramirez Embracing Discomfort in Transition Drive On Podcast
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Embracing Discomfort in Transition

Join us as we talk to Cristina Ramirez, a transformational coach and author of “Empowered by Discomfort.” Cristina’s unique approach centers around using discomfort as a path for growth, and in this episode, we specifically focus on how this philosophy applies to military veterans transitioning into civilian life. We discuss the challenges veterans may face during this period and how embracing discomfort can be a transformative tool in creating a new sense of purpose and direction. Cristina shares valuable insights and practical strategies to shift the conversation around challenges, build resilience, and confidently navigate life’s transitions. If you’re a veteran seeking to redefine your possibilities or anyone ready to embrace discomfort for personal growth, this episode is a must-listen.

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