Healing Through Service

Drive On Podcast With Scott DeLuzio
Drive On Podcast
Healing Through Service

Aaron Quinonez, affectionately known as SGT Q talks about how serving others has helped him and others recover from difficult times.

Aaron's organization, QMissions provides veterans with an opportunity to serve others all while healing from their own often invisible wounds. The service missions are structured very much like a military unit with squad leaders in charge of various aspects of the mission, and individuals who carry out the mission.

This is all done through a religious lense using the teachings from the Bible to aid veterans to a better life through service.

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  1. AaronQuinonez on 28 April 2020 at 17:27

    I have done about a dozen pod casts… this one was my favorite. The atmosphere was so relaxed and the our host Scott was professional and easy to speak with.
    Thank you for giving me a platform to tell my story.

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