How to De-Stress Your Life

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How to De-Stress Your Life

Natalie Shand-Spellman, Coach Nat earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Stony Brook University, New York. Coach Nat is an occupational therapist clinician, a Boot Camp for Life transformational coach, speaker,
published author, and combat marine veteran.

Coach Nat has dealt with lost identity, brokenness, emotional turmoil, and ill health because of unmanaged stress. She later discovered a top transformative technique called “purpose-cising” to deal with mental, emotional, and spiritual stress. She also found Life’s Unwritten Formula for Success, the different Narrative Functional Identity Types, and NEW STARTS FOR ME lifestyle principles for peak performance and function in life.

She loves to give advice and shares words of wisdom to impact the lives of others. Coach Nat is now on a mission of hope with a big heart for teenagers, millennials, veterans, and women who feel lost, broken, and trying to figure out their lives.

She is the author of Drop Stress Like A Hot Potato For Busy Women, with a schedule to release in December 2022. It is a transformative Stress Workbook with life coaching to stop emotional, mental, and spiritual stress for women to live their best lives of power and purpose.

The workbook is also illustrative, where Coach Nat will coach you through your stress journey.

Coach Nat also features in her book the Coach Nat Questions & Answer Column, Advice on the Go with Coach Nat, Real Talk with Coach Nat and Check-in times with Coach Nat. The workbook has many of Coach Nat’s inspirational quotes, life super tips, and life-changing strategies for transformation. The overall experience of engaging with the book is extraordinary; it is also enhanced with calm and relaxing colors to relieve stress. Drop Stress Like A Hot Potato is a game-changer in managing mental health during the post-Covid-19 pandemic.

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